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Algae and Seaweed

A treasure trove of green for the Kingdom

A Green future

Algae, which come in various forms of seaweed and microalgae, could be a treasure trove for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The organisms can bring incredible potential to source different products for high-value applications across multiple technology realms, including animal feed, crop fertilizers, carbon reuse, waste remediation and medicines.

They use sunlight, nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon dioxide to build their biomass, and can grow in saltwater and/or non-potable freshwater environments — resources the Kingdom has in abundance. The Kingdom also has a robust infrastructure of ports, highways and airports, and thousands of kilometers of flat Red Sea coastline to accommodate future facilities.

There is a global race among many countries in the research aspect of algae due to its economic importance, with the emergence of a number of countries, in this field. Saudi Arabia seeks to benefit from past experiences of translating research  and transforming it into commercial models that could contribute to developing various sectors.  The Kingdom's comparative advantage distinguishes it from other countries of the world to make important steps and leaps in this field .

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